Saturday, March 14, 2009

At least the grass will be greener

And here it is, a dreary, rainy Saturday morning. At least the coffee is fresh and hot. And Drew has been making me smile all morning with his sweet words and thoughtfulness towards the girls.

(Can’t say the same for Madeline. Ahem.)

Andy agreed to take the kids on a daddy date later this morning so I can give the house and laundry my undivided attention. Being home in a very small house for a week with three kids sure can mess up a place, you know?

And I never did hit the grocery store yesterday, so that also needs doing. (Preferably alone.)

Drew has preschool spring break next week. I understand the teachers’ need for a break, but surely not for the kids and especially not for the mommies! Hopefully next week will be sunny so we can actually have some outside fun. I don’t know about you, but I need bright things to look forward to and we’ve been seriously lacking in that department recently.

Oh. My other big goal for the weekend? Taxes, start to finish.


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

We had a cloudy/rainy day today too, but I actually sort of enjoyed it - it sort of gave us an excuse to hang out and not do anything.

I love doing taxes, but ours were more complicated this year and I have to take them to our accountant - I was so disappointed. :) How's that for nerdy?

Hope you get that sunny week next week!

JanMary said...

It OFTEN rains in Ireland - that is why we have the 40 shades of green.

Maybe it is raining for you in honour of St Patrick. If on your spring break you do anything remotely irish, be sure to join in my St Patricks Bloggy Carnival.

Hope you got to the supermarket alone - bliss!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I hope you had some time to get everything on your list finished...including taxes. We haven't done ours yet either. Ugh.

Kellie said...

I hear you! Its raining her for the fifth day as well. Pouring cats and dogs as I type! They say the sun should be shining by tomorrow afternoon. If its not I am just going to send the kids out to run around in i because I need some peace!

Trina said...

BUH I have to start my taxes, this weekend!